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Design and Review of Syllabus

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Quality Assurance Framework

Quality assurance involves all activities in the institute that are necessary for fulfilling the purposes of sustaining high quality education and educational services, it aims at:

  • Ensuring continuous enhancement of the quality education
  • Maintaining consistency and effectiveness in quality assurance activities
  • Promoting the culture of quality assurance system.

Objectives of IQAC

The institute Quality Assurance System is established to:

  • To set quality performance indicators in domains of teaching, research and administration pertaining to departments/programs and other units of the Institution. To develop benchmarks for quality performance indicators.
  • To develop strategies to evaluate quality performance indicators.
  • To evolve and implement self-evaluation proforma for faculty members and executives.
  • To evolve and implement stakeholders’ feedback assessment.
  • To facilitate periodic academic and administrative audit.
  •  To develop strategies to improve quality in alignment with the institute mission and vision, the strategic plan and the academic development plan of the institute.

Quality Assurance Framework

  • Quality Assurance Policy and the mechanism for continuous review of the Quality Assurance Systems
  • Guidelines for various academic processes
  • Collection of feedback information for monitoring the operation of various academic processes
  • Follow-up actions, continuous improvement of the academic quality

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Framework of institute contains the following elements:

The Quality Assurance Office (QAO) is established to provide administration support to the
Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) of the College.

The QAC is established to:

  • Promote quality assurance and foster a culture of quality assurance
  • Advise on policies and procedures for approval, monitoring and review of programmes
  • Audit the effectiveness and operation of the quality assurance system so as to maintain quality and to overview the quality and standards of all programmes

Guiding Principles

  • Involvement of stakeholders to evaluate the set quality performance indicators.
  • Feedback collection, analysis and dissemination of relevant information citing concerns where improvement measures should be taken
  • To facilitate accreditation and review processes through involving external agencies

Broad Functions of IQAC

  • Review of Institutional and Departmental Vision and Mission
  • Contribute  to preparation of SAR especially information related to institutional and finance
  • Develop faculty self-appraisal questionnaire and student feedback questionnaire
  • Access faculty performance annually
  • Develop a description of the process with questionnaires and tools required for continuous assessment

Decide frequency of assessment of POs – internal and external
Assessment and revision of PEOs

Prepare and finalize

  • The PEOs and POs / PSOs, align them with the Mission and write the process of development of PEOs and POs
  • Take corrective actions and additional inputs for meeting POs/PSOs
  • Obtain COs from respective faculty for concerned PO along with their alignment with PO, Bloom’s Taxonomy and target of expected achievements
  • Conduct assessment of placement record for ensuring PEOs attainments or revision if required
  • Conduct assessment of curriculum and resources available to meet the developed PEOs and POs, decide additional courses / contents, professional / open electives to bridge the gaps and inform the shortfalls in resources to the Institutional Core Committee which will evaluate the needs and present the additional requirement to the management
  • Supervises the COs and their alignment to POs, question banks, assignments, tests, quiz, activities, Bloom’s Taxonomy and ensures targets set by faculty are realistic.
  • Develop common Performance Indicators for respective Courses aligned to the PO and ensures the faculty develop activities, question banks, tests, quiz, assignments related to the common performance indicators as well as for their course specific indicators
  • Conduct Semester End Examination (SEE) analysis of results and achievement of POs/PSOs for all Departments
  • Analyze the student examination (SEE / CIE) question papers for respective courses aligned to the PO and analyze the average achievement of performance
  • Hold discussions with concerned faculty on shortfalls for the achievement of pre-set targets.
  • Prepare and conduct indirect assessment and prepare report
  • Prepare annual report of success / failures on various parameters

Monitor progress periodically

  • Collect recommendations for improvements
  • Maintain and update website